Renovation of Green Areas in Mallorca Hotels. Sod Installation for Impeccable Lawns.

Sod installation is a technique used to achieve an impeccable and professionally-looking lawn in a short period of time. With this technique, quick and guaranteed results can be obtained, transforming a barren or neglected area into a lush and green carpet.

Imagine a scenario where a neglected garden turns into a lush and beautiful meadow within a matter of days. Sod installation makes this amazing transformation possible. Sod refers to high-quality rolls of pre-grown grass that are carefully cultivated in specialized nurseries. These rolls are precisely harvested, including the roots, ensuring their rapid adaptation and establishment in the new area.

Upon closer inspection, the density and uniformity of the sod can be appreciated. Each roll consists of a carefully selected blend of grass species that adapt to different climatic and soil conditions. The end result is a lawn with a uniform appearance and a smooth texture, capable of withstanding heavy use and resisting diseases and pests.

The process of sod installation is meticulous and requires proper preparation of the soil. Firstly, the soil needs to be leveled and conditioned, removing stones and weeds. Then, a suitable fertilizer is applied to nourish the soil and promote healthy grass growth.

Once the area is ready, the rolls of sod are laid out on it, fitting them together like puzzle pieces. It is important to ensure that the rolls are well-aligned and in direct contact with the soil to facilitate root establishment. After installation, they are thoroughly watered to ensure hydration and promote initial growth.

Over time, the roots of the sod spread into the soil, merging with it and strengthening the lawn’s structure. In a short period, the transformed area becomes a dense, green, and lush lawn, providing a sense of freshness and beauty to its surroundings.

Sod installation offers numerous benefits. In addition to achieving an impeccable lawn in a short time, it also helps prevent soil erosion, reduce weed propagation, and improve air quality. Furthermore, sod grass is wear-resistant and provides an ideal space for outdoor activities, games, and relaxation.

In summary, sod installation is the perfect choice for those who want to quickly enjoy an impeccable lawn. Its carefully designed process and amazing results make the investment worthwhile. With this technique, any area can be transformed into a vibrant and lush garden, providing an oasis of tranquility and beauty in any setting.

Other Projects

Hillside garden with decorative aggregates in Camp de Mar, Majorca

Sustainable Oasis in Camp de Mar. An ecological, attractive, and harmoniously integrated garden in the surroundings.

In Camp de Mar, Mallorca, we have created a sustainable garden that combines native plants with drought-resistant species. This landscaping project, carried out after two years of construction, features a wide variety of rosemary, cacti, and other low-water-consumption plants that adapt perfectly to the Mediterranean climate. This garden in Camp de Mar is an example of how attractive and environmentally-friendly green spaces can be achieved through the use of suitable plants and expert care in sustainable gardening.

Image of an adult olive tree recently transplanted in a field in Majorca

Planting of unique specimens in Sencelles. Creating a natural and integrated landscape.

In Sencelles, we have carried out the planting of mature specimens to create a natural and harmonious landscape in this area of Mallorca. Among the species planted, two centuries-old olive trees, palmitos (Chamaerops humilis), several Torch Plant (Antorchasis) specimens, and a selection of decorative shrubs and plants stand out. Our gardeners in Mallorca worked diligently to ensure the proper transplant and care of these specimens, enriching the environment with their beauty and preserving local biodiversity in this gardening project.