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Adult olive tree transplant in Mallorca: Crane lifting the tree for its transfer

The Art of Pruning Olive Trees in Mallorca. When and How to Do It Correctly.

Learn when and how to prune your olive trees in Mallorca to keep them healthy and productive. Discover pruning techniques recommended by gardening experts and ensure success in caring for these iconic Mediterranean trees. Don’t miss our practical tips and recommendations that will help you carry out effective pruning, promoting the growth and production of your olive trees throughout the year.

Garden Maintenance in Mallorca. 5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Garden Impeccable.

Do you want to keep your garden in perfect condition in Mallorca? Don’t miss these 5 essential tips that will help you take care of your green spaces and keep them flourishing all year round. Learn how gardening experts tackle the challenges of the Mediterranean climate and discover sustainable practices that will allow you to enjoy a healthy and beautiful garden.

The Secrets of Mallorcan Gardens: Native Plants and Sustainable Design

Do you want to learn the tricks that professional gardeners in Mallorca use to create ecological and stunning gardens? In this article, we reveal how to choose native plants and combine them with sustainable design techniques to transform your green space into a unique and environmentally friendly oasis. Discover how gardening experts in Mallorca make the most of the island’s natural features and enhance the beauty of their clients’ gardens, without sacrificing sustainability and environmental conservation.