Planting of unique specimens in Sencelles. Creating a natural and integrated landscape.

With the aim of showcasing the beauty of nature and promoting an ecologically balanced environment, we undertake the planting of mature trees as part of our gardening work.

These majestic and imposing trees are carefully selected to fit seamlessly into the surroundings and enhance the garden’s aesthetics. Their presence adds a new and exciting dimension to the atmosphere, becoming a charming focal point and a source of inspiration for all who behold them.

The planting of these mature trees not only visually transforms the landscape but also enriches the surrounding ecosystem. Their branches provide shelter and food for various bird species, while their strong and deep roots help maintain soil health and prevent erosion.

At Alcoleas Gardens, we take pride in carrying out projects that not only beautify spaces but also promote sustainability and environmental conservation. Through the planting of mature trees, we are committed to creating natural and integrated landscapes where every element finds its place in perfect harmony.

Other Projects

Hillside garden with decorative aggregates in Camp de Mar, Majorca

Sustainable Oasis in Camp de Mar. An ecological, attractive, and harmoniously integrated garden in the surroundings.

In Camp de Mar, Mallorca, we have created a sustainable garden that combines native plants with drought-resistant species. This landscaping project, carried out after two years of construction, features a wide variety of rosemary, cacti, and other low-water-consumption plants that adapt perfectly to the Mediterranean climate. This garden in Camp de Mar is an example of how attractive and environmentally-friendly green spaces can be achieved through the use of suitable plants and expert care in sustainable gardening.

Image showing the sowing process of natural grass sods at the Hotel Son Net in Mallorca

Renovation of Green Areas in Mallorca Hotels. Sod Installation for Impeccable Lawns.

At the prestigious Son Net Hotel in Mallorca, the installation of turf was carried out to renew and enhance the green areas of its facilities. This process ensures a lawn that looks impeccable, soft, and uniform, ideal for providing the hotel’s guests with a luxurious and comfortable experience in a natural setting. The renovation of the green areas at Son Net Hotel reflects the importance of having well-maintained and sustainable outdoor spaces that contribute to enhancing the visitor experience in the tourism sector.