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Pest and disease control is essential for maintaining the health and beauty of your green spaces. Our team of experts in Pest and disease control offers comprehensive solutions in pest and disease treatment and prevention, ensuring a safe and sustainable natural environment. With our ecological methods and natural products, we take care of your garden and the environment.

Prevention in phytosanitary control is a key aspect to ensure the health and longevity of your green spaces. A preventive approach allows you to anticipate the emergence of pests and diseases, minimizing risks and ensuring a healthier and balanced environment for your plants. By implementing good gardening practices, such as selecting resistant plants, proper watering, and appropriate fertilization, it is possible to prevent most phytosanitary issues before they become a threat.

Our team of professionals in phytosanitary control works proactively to identify and address any signs of pests or diseases in their early stages. We conduct regular inspections and closely monitor the health of your plants, adapting our methods and treatments to the specific needs of your garden. This way, we ensure that your green space is always protected and in optimal condition, contributing to the well-being of your home and environmental care.

detail of the nest of a processionary plague
Image detail plague aphids garden Majorca
detail image of a green aphid plague on a plant in a garden in Majorca

Our phytosanitary prevention and control services in Mallorca

Pest maintenance and prevention

At Alcoleas Gardens, we understand the importance of a preventive approach in phytosanitary control. Our gardening and pest prevention experts work closely with you to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan that includes preventive measures, pest and disease monitoring, and control. By keeping your plants and trees healthy, you can enjoy a lush and beautiful garden all year round.

Prevention is the best strategy to maintain a healthy and pest-free garden in Mallorca. Some preventive measures include:

  1. Choosing plants suitable for the climate and soil conditions of the area.
  2. Maintaining good garden hygiene by removing fallen leaves, pruning debris, and organic residues that can harbor pests and diseases.
  3. Avoiding overwatering and ensuring proper drainage, as excess moisture can promote the development of fungi and diseases.
  4. Regular pruning and thinning to improve air circulation and prevent disease proliferation.
  5. Using preventive products and conducting phytosanitary treatments periodically according to the needs of the plants and garden.


Our phytosanitary control experts in Mallorca can provide you with advice and personalized solutions to prevent and treat pests and diseases in your garden, ensuring a healthy and vibrant green space. Feel free to contact us for more information about our services and how we can help you maintain your garden in perfect condition.

Yes, at Alcoleas Gardens, we understand the importance of using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods for phytosanitary control in Mallorca. Our experts use natural products and ecological techniques to control pests and diseases in your garden, minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals and protecting the biodiversity and health of the local ecosystem.

Image of a plant with aphid infestation in Mallorca
Detailed image of a biting tiger mosquito in Mallorca
Image of a phytosanitary control application to eliminate ants in a garden in Mallorca

Garden and outdoor fumigation in Mallorca

Garden fumigation is essential for combating pests such as mosquitoes and maintaining an insect-free and disease-free space. Our professional fumigation experts use natural products whenever possible to fumigate, ensuring safe, effective, and environmentally friendly phytosanitary control to the best extent possible. We work with a wide range of solutions, from mosquito fumigation to treatments for eliminating ants, fungi, or other pests. Keep your garden protected and enjoy a healthy space with our fumigation services in Mallorca.

Mosquito fumigation in the garden

Keeping your garden mosquito-free is essential for enjoying your outdoor space in Mallorca. Our phytosanitary control experts offer effective and personalized solutions to fumigate your garden against mosquitoes, using specific products and appropriate application techniques. We can also provide natural alternatives to repel and control mosquitoes in your garden, protecting your family and plants without harming the environment.

You can water after fumigation, but it is important to wait for an appropriate amount of time to allow the applied products to take effect and dry. The waiting time can vary depending on the product used and the weather conditions. Generally, it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours before watering after fumigation. Our phytosanitary control experts in Mallorca can provide you with specific information regarding the products used in your garden and recommendations for watering after fumigation.


By utilizing our phytosanitary control services in Mallorca, you can enjoy a healthy garden free from pests and diseases. Our team of trained professionals is committed to protecting and caring for your green spaces, using safe and efficient methods and products. Feel free to contact us for more information about our services and how we can help you maintain a healthy and beautiful garden throughout the year.

There are numerous natural and ecological products available for fumigating your garden against mosquitoes in Mallorca. Some of these products include essential oils (such as citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, and geranium oil), plant extracts like neem and pyrethrin, and garlic-based solutions. These natural products are less harmful to the environment and human health compared to chemical insecticides. However, it is important to follow the usage instructions and apply them correctly to ensure effectiveness. Our phytosanitary control specialists in Mallorca can advise you on the best natural options for fumigating your garden and protecting it from mosquitoes.

There are several natural methods to eliminate ants in the garden in Mallorca without resorting to harmful chemical products. Some of these options include:

  • Using homemade baits made of boric acid and sugar, which are toxic to ants but less harmful to the environment and other organisms.
  • Applying diatomaceous earth around infested areas. This fine, abrasive powder can damage the ants’ exoskeleton, leading to dehydration and death.
  • Planting herbs and flowers with repellent properties, such as mint, basil, lavender, or nasturtiums, to keep ants away from your garden.
  • Using physical barriers, such as ash, sawdust, or crushed eggshells, around plants and affected areas to make it difficult for ants to access.


It is important to remember that ants can also have a positive impact on your garden, aiding in pollination and controlling other pests. Therefore, it is crucial to implement control measures only when necessary and in a selective manner. Our phytosanitary control experts in Mallorca can help you identify the best strategy for ant control in your garden, considering the ecosystem balance and the health of your plants.

Image of pine processionary nest in Mallorca
Image of processionary caterpillars on the ground in Majorca

Treatment for pine processionary caterpillar

The pine processionary caterpillar is a common pest in Mallorca that can cause severe damage to your pine trees and pose a health risk to humans and animals. We offer specialized services to eliminate the processionary caterpillar, including nest removal and caterpillar control. We also implement preventive measures during the high-risk season, such as fumigation of pine trees and the use of plant endotherapy. Our phytosanitary control experts in Mallorca ensure an environment free from the pine processionary caterpillar so that you can enjoy your garden without worries.

The optimal time to fumigate pine trees for the pine processionary caterpillar in Mallorca is during the autumn and winter months, before the caterpillars start descending from the tree and causing damage. However, preventive treatments can also be conducted during spring and summer if the presence of this pest is detected. Our phytosanitary control experts in Mallorca will assess the situation and recommend the best timing and treatment to combat the pine processionary caterpillar in your pine trees.

If you find pine processionary nests in your pine trees in Mallorca, the first thing you should do is contact our phytosanitary control experts. Removing pine processionary nests can be dangerous if not done correctly, as the caterpillars release urticating hairs that can cause allergic reactions in humans and pets. Our team will use appropriate and safe methods to remove the nests and control the infestation, protecting the health of your trees and loved ones.

Removing pine processionary nests in Mallorca should be carried out by trained professionals in phytosanitary control, as direct contact with the caterpillars can cause skin irritations and respiratory problems. Our experts use safe and efficient methods, such as manually removing the nests with appropriate protective equipment, fumigating the affected areas, and implementing specific traps to control the spread of this pest. We also recommend preventive measures to avoid future issues with pine processionary caterpillars in your garden.

Plant endotherapy treatment applied to a garden pine tree in Majorca

At Alcoleas Gardens, we are committed to caring for and respecting the environment in Mallorca. We understand the importance of preserving our natural surroundings, and therefore, we strive to use natural products and ecological techniques in our phytosanitary control services.

Eco-friendly gardening

We take pride in promoting biodiversity in the gardens and green spaces we maintain, fostering ecological balance and environmental conservation. By employing sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods, we ensure not only the health and beauty of the gardens but also the well-being of people and the ecosystem as a whole. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is fundamental to our work philosophy and how we approach every project.

Plant endotherapy in Mallorca

Endotherapy is a phytosanitary treatment method that involves directly injecting the necessary products into the trunk of trees to combat pests and diseases. This method is particularly useful for addressing issues such as the processionary caterpillar in Mallorca, as it allows the treatment to be applied directly into the tree’s vascular system, eliminating the need for spraying and reducing environmental impact on non-target organisms. Endotherapy is an efficient and environmentally friendly approach to pest and disease control in trees, and our phytosanitary experts in Mallorca are trained to carry out this treatment safely and effectively.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability makes us the ideal choice for maintaining the health and well-being of your outdoor spaces. Feel free to contact us for more information about our services and how we can help preserve the health and vitality of your gardens and green areas in Mallorca.

Plant endotherapy in Mallorca offers numerous benefits compared to other phytosanitary control methods. By injecting products directly into the plant’s vascular system, the amount of required product is reduced, minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, plant endotherapy is safer for humans and animals, as it avoids the dispersion of chemicals in the air or soil. It is also an efficient technique for treating pests and diseases that are challenging to control, such as the processionary caterpillar, ensuring the health and protection of your gardens in Mallorca.

Do you want to maintain the health and beauty of your garden in Mallorca?

Trust our phytosanitary control experts to protect your green spaces with eco-friendly treatments and comprehensive solutions. At Alcoleas Gardens, we take care of your garden and the environment.


Other services


Garden designed and built by alcoleas garden with vines in the background and pool in the foreground

Landscaping, garden design, and construction.

At Alcoleas Gardens, we specialize in landscaping and garden design in Mallorca. Our process starts with a 3D project, allowing you to visualize your garden before building it. Our team of expert gardeners works closely with you to transform your green spaces into personalized oases. Discover how we combine creativity, sustainability, and functionality to create gardens that beautify your home and enhance your quality of life, tailored to your needs and preferences.

Hands cutting a hedge with scissors during garden maintenance in Mallorca

Garden maintenance in Mallorca

Keeping your garden in optimal condition is essential to enjoy a healthy and aesthetically pleasing green space. At Alcoleas Gardens, we offer garden maintenance services in Mallorca tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our professional gardeners handle pruning, watering, fertilizing, and pest control, among other tasks, ensuring the health and beauty of your outdoor spaces. Trust our expert team to care for and preserve your garden, adding value to your property and well-being to your life.

Hand holding a pH meter in the measurement for the maintenance of swimming pools in Mallorca

Comprehensive pool maintenance

A well-maintained pool is the centerpiece of any outdoor space and guarantees moments of enjoyment and relaxation. At Alcoleas Gardens, we offer pool maintenance services in Mallorca to ensure your pool is always clean, safe, and in perfect condition. Our pool maintenance experts handle cleaning, chemical balancing, filtration, and repairs, tailoring their services to the needs of each client. With our assistance, your pool will look impeccable all year round, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy a well-cared-for and healthy aquatic space.

Gardener applying fumigation treatment for phytosanitary control in a beautiful garden in Mallorca

Phytosanitary control. Protect your garden

Phytosanitary control is essential to keep your gardens in Mallorca healthy and free from pests and diseases. Our team of gardening professionals is highly trained in the identification, prevention, and treatment of phytosanitary issues, using ecological and sustainable methods whenever possible. By providing efficient and responsible phytosanitary control, we ensure that your green spaces are protected and in optimal condition all year round. Don’t let pests compromise the beauty and health of your gardens; trust our team to keep them at bay.

Sprinklers in operation in the lawn irrigation system in Mallorca

Installation and supervision of irrigation systems

Alcoleas Gardens offers installation and supervision of surface and underground irrigation systems to ensure optimal water distribution in your green areas. Our gardening experts assess the water needs of your plants and design efficient and sustainable irrigation systems, allowing for responsible water use and ensuring the health and proper growth of your garden.

Adult tree transplant in Bunyola, Majorca: Crane lifting the tree for transfer

Specimen trees, majesty in your garden

Mature trees are not just decorative elements; they are true stars capable of turning a common landscape into an impressive scene. Whether you want to create an immediate visual impact, provide shade, or simply enjoy natural beauty, our trees for transplanting are the perfect choice.

Gardener performing pruning at height in Mallorca with safety equipment and chainsaw

Professional felling and pruning

Felling and pruning are essential to maintain the health and aesthetics of your trees and shrubs. At Alcoleas Gardens, we have a team of expert gardeners who perform felling and pruning tasks safely and efficiently, respecting the natural growth of your plants and ensuring harmony in your garden.

View of a garden with natural grass in a modern house in Majorca

Natural grass and sod for gardens

Our gardening experts in Mallorca specialize in the installation of natural grass, either through seed sowing or laying sod. Sod is a quick and effective solution to beautify your garden, while seed sowing offers a more personalized approach. In both cases, we apply sustainable and ecological practices to ensure the health and vibrant appearance of your lawn all year round. Trust our team to guide you in selecting and caring for the grass that best suits your needs and preferences.

Installation of artificial grass in Mallorca

Artificial grass, the eco-friendly alternative

Installing artificial grass in Mallorca has become a popular choice for those seeking a flawless look and minimal maintenance in their gardens. Our team of professional gardeners offers eco-friendly and durable solutions in artificial grass, guaranteeing a high-quality aesthetic finish. Ideal for play areas, terraces, and gardens with irrigation limitations, artificial grass is a sustainable option with low resource consumption. Let our experts advise you on the best choice for your space and enjoy a green and well-maintained garden all year round.

Two equipped gardeners carrying out cleaning and clearing work on a farm in Mallorca

Efficient land clearing and cleaning

Alcoleas Gardens carries out land clearing and cleaning, removing weeds, shrubs, and debris to prepare the area for future gardening or construction projects. Our team of professional gardeners uses appropriate tools and techniques to efficiently, quickly, and environmentally-friendly clean the land.

Gardener pruning a palm tree in a beautiful garden in Bunyola, Mallorca

Pruning and planting of palm trees in Mallorca

Palm trees are an essential part of the Mediterranean landscape and undoubtedly an iconic feature in the gardens of Mallorca. At Alcoleas Gardens, our team of professional gardeners specializes in pruning and planting palm trees, ensuring their optimal growth and health. Proper palm tree maintenance includes regular pruning to remove dead leaves and potential pests, as well as planting specimens under the right conditions. Let us help you beautify your garden with these magnificent species, adding a tropical and exotic touch to your garden.

Garden designed and built with decorative aggregates in Mallorca

Decorative aggregates, a natural and versatile enhancement

Decorative aggregates are a versatile and aesthetic solution to add a distinctive touch to your green spaces in Mallorca. At Alcoleas Gardens, we offer a wide range of decorative aggregates, such as gravels, stones, rocks, and sands, to beautify your gardens, paths, and relaxation areas. These natural elements provide texture and color contrasts, in addition to being a sustainable and low-maintenance option. Our professional gardeners will advise you on the selection and placement of decorative aggregates to achieve a harmonious and appealing design in your garden.

Buganvilia in a beautiful penthouse garden in Mallorca, located in the Sierra de Tramuntana

Charming penthouses, your urban oasis

Discover how Alcolea’s Gardens can transform your penthouse into a green oasis amidst the urban environment. Our garden and terrace design and construction services are perfectly tailored to the specific needs and conditions of penthouses and urban terraces. We create unique and functional green spaces that optimize the use of the area and bring a touch of nature to your home, turning your penthouse into a haven of tranquility and beauty.