Professional tree felling
and pruning in mallorca


Proper pruning is a crucial aspect of garden maintenance, as it not only helps improve the shape and appearance of trees but also promotes their healthy growth and prevents diseases.

Tree pruning is not a simple task. It requires specialized knowledge of different tree species, their biology, and proper pruning techniques. That’s why our tree pruning experts are highly trained and equipped with the necessary tools to carry out this task safely and efficiently.

One of our specialized services is high pruning, which involves caring for large-sized trees. This task is particularly challenging and dangerous without the right training and equipment. At Alcoleas Gardens, we have the necessary equipment and expertise to safely and effectively perform high tree pruning.

In addition to improving the health and appearance of trees, pruning also has a significant impact on the safety of your property. Poorly maintained or diseased trees can pose a hazard if branches break and fall. Through proper pruning, we can identify and remove hazardous branches to ensure the safety of your home and garden.

In summary, pruning is an essential service that offers multiple benefits for your trees and property. At Alcoleas Gardens, we take pride in offering high-quality tree pruning services in Mallorca to help you maintain your trees healthy, safe, and beautiful.

well equipped operator pruning at the top of a pine tree pruning the crown
decorative pruning of a bougainvillea on a stone wall
Decorative olive tree recently pruned in a garden of Esporles in Majorca

Our pruning services in Mallorca

Pruning of all types of trees

We perform tree pruning with precision and care, ensuring that each cut is made in the right place to promote healthy growth. Each tree species has its own unique pruning needs, and our team has the experience and knowledge to handle them all.

Proper pruning is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases, promote healthy growth, and maintain an attractive shape. Our tree pruning specialists in Mallorca have a trained eye to identify dead, diseased, or damaged branches that need to be removed. We can also perform training pruning on young trees to promote a strong and balanced structure as they grow.

In addition to improving the tree’s appearance and health, pruning can also be a safety measure. Trees with dead or diseased branches can be dangerous as these branches can fall and cause damage. At Alcoleas Gardens, our priority is to keep your trees and property safe.

Tree pruning is important for several reasons. It promotes the health of the tree by removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches that could be a source of diseases. It also enhances the appearance of the tree as it allows control over its shape and size. Additionally, pruning can be an important safety measure as the removal of potentially hazardous branches can prevent property damage or injuries.

Pruning affects tree health in several ways. The removal of dead or diseased branches helps prevent the spread of diseases to other parts of the tree. Additionally, by eliminating branches that are competing for the same resources, pruning can help improve the growth and vigor of the tree. Lastly, training pruning in young trees can establish a strong and balanced structure that benefits the long-term growth and health of the tree.

The optimal timing for tree pruning can vary depending on the tree species and the pruning objectives. Generally, pruning is done during the tree’s dormant period, which is usually in winter. This minimizes stress for the tree and can reduce the risk of disease infections. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and some trees may require pruning at other times of the year. At Alcoleas Gardens, our experts can advise you on the best timing to prune your specific trees.

Specialized gardener pruning the branches of a fruit tree in Mallorca to guarantee its health and production
Gardener pruning the branches of an apple tree in Majorca to promote healthy growth and better fruit production
Professional gardener pruning plum branches in a garden in Majorca to maintain their health and proper shape

Fruit tree pruning

Pruning fruit trees is an essential horticultural practice that ensures the productivity and health of your fruit trees. At Alcoleas Gardens, our expert pruning team can help you maximize the quantity and quality of your fruits through proper and efficient pruning.

Pruning fruit trees not only improves the shape and size of the tree but also promotes a more abundant and higher-quality harvest. By removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches, your tree has more energy to focus on growth and fruit production. Additionally, pruning allows sunlight and air to circulate more efficiently, helping to prevent diseases and pests.

However, pruning fruit trees is not a task to be taken lightly. The pruning technique varies depending on the type of fruit tree, age, and health condition of the tree. Here at Alcoleas Gardens, our specialists are equipped with the skills and knowledge to effectively and safely carry out fruit tree pruning. Whether it’s stone fruit or pome fruit pruning, our professionals can provide you with the best pruning service in Mallorca.

Pruning fruit trees is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it helps maintain the size of the tree manageable, making fruit harvesting easier. Secondly, the removal of diseased, dead, or damaged branches can prevent the spread of diseases and pests. Additionally, proper pruning can increase fruit production and enhance its quality by allowing more light and air to reach the inner parts of the tree.

The best time to prune fruit trees can vary depending on the type of tree. However, most fruit trees are pruned during their dormant period, which is usually in late winter or early spring, before new growth begins. This allows the tree to recover quickly and focus on producing fruit in the following season. At Alcoleas Gardens, our specialists can advise you on the best time to prune your specific fruit trees.

Pruning fruit trees can vary depending on the type of tree, its age, and its health condition. Generally, the process involves removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches, as well as branches that are growing in undesirable directions. It may also be necessary to thin out the branches in the center of the tree to allow for better air circulation and sunlight penetration. Pruning cuts should be made precisely to minimize damage to the tree and promote quick recovery. At Alcoleas Gardens, our expert pruners have the training and experience required to effectively and safely perform this task.

While pruning fruit trees may seem like a simple task, it requires a good understanding of tree biology and proper pruning techniques. an incorrect pruning cut can cause long-term damage to the tree and even reduce its productivity. Therefore, we always recommend hiring a professional for this task. At Alcoleas Gardens, our pruning experts are available to ensure that your fruit trees receive the best possible care.

Image of a professional gardener pruning a bush in Mallorca using an electric pruner.
Image of the result of pruning ornamental shrubs in a villa in Palma, Mallorca. Shrubs sport a fresh, well-groomed shape and appearance

Pruning of decorative shrubs

Decorative shrubs such as hedges, cypresses, hydrangeas, and oleanders are essential elements in any Mallorcan garden or landscape. They provide privacy, create natural barriers, and add a touch of beauty and color to the surroundings.

Pruning these decorative shrubs is an art that requires an expert hand. Well-cared-for and regularly pruned shrubs can become a gem in any landscape, and we are here to help you keep them in their best shape.

Pruning decorative shrubs, such as cypress hedges, not only contributes to their health but also helps control their size, shape, and growth. Our expert gardeners have the skill and experience necessary to carry out this task with precision and care, considering the type of shrub, its age, location, and weather conditions.

Furthermore, regular and proper pruning can prevent common problems such as excessive growth, the emergence of pests and diseases, and unfair competition for resources. This not only maintains the beauty of the shrub but also extends its lifespan and improves its resistance to adverse conditions.

The ideal time for pruning decorative shrubs largely depends on the type of shrub and its specific needs. However, generally, pruning is done in late winter or early spring before new growth begins. This allows the shrub to recover quickly and bloom in the following season. Our team of experts can advise you on the best time to prune your decorative shrubs based on their individual characteristics.

Hedge pruning involves the use of cutting tools to trim excessive branches and leaves, shaping the hedge according to the owner’s preferences and the needs of the shrub. It is a meticulous process that requires precision and knowledge about the shrub’s growth. At Alcoleas Gardens, our experts employ best practices and techniques to ensure that your hedges are well cared for and maintain their shape and health over time.

While it is possible for homeowners to perform basic pruning themselves, we strongly recommend hiring professionals for this task, especially when dealing with large or mature shrubs. Incorrect pruning can damage the shrub and affect its long-term growth and health. Our team of expert gardeners has the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively carry out pruning, ensuring the well-being of your decorative shrubs.

Image of two gardeners performing high pruning of large tree branches in Mallorca. Using chainsaws and a lift platform to access the highest branches.

High pruning is a specialized service that involves handling large and hard-to-reach trees. At Alcoleas Gardens, our team is well-equipped and has the necessary training to tackle this challenge safely and efficiently.

High pruning in Mallorca

Performing high pruning is a job that presents unique challenges, requiring specialized skills, the right equipment, and a deep understanding of tree behavior. Our team of experienced and well-trained professionals has what it takes to handle any type of high pruning. Our gardeners are trained to prune and remove branches from tall trees in difficult or hazardous positions with maximum safety and efficiency.

We employ a variety of techniques and modern equipment, such as cranes, aerial work platforms, and climbing gear, to reach the highest and most challenging parts of the trees. Our goal is to provide safe and effective high pruning that not only enhances the tree’s health and appearance but also ensures the safety of nearby individuals and properties.

High pruning is also crucial for preventing future issues, such as the falling of dead or diseased branches. By removing these branches, we can prevent property damage and protect the safety of your family and neighbors.

Yes, high pruning is essential for the maintenance of large and tall trees. Untamed trees can grow uncontrollably and become a safety hazard, as dead or diseased branches can fall and cause damage. Additionally, high pruning also helps improve the health and appearance of the tree.

Performing high pruning can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper training and equipment. It is a job that should be carried out by trained professionals as it involves working at significant heights and using powerful cutting tools. At Alcoleas Gardens, safety is our top priority, and we have a team of experts to ensure that high pruning is done safely and effectively.

Our team of gardeners receives ongoing and updated training in the latest techniques and safety standards for high pruning. We also utilize the most modern and secure equipment, including cranes, aerial work platforms, and climbing gear. Before each job, we carefully assess the tree and its surroundings to plan and execute the pruning in the safest possible manner.

Do your trees need pruning?

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Other services


Garden designed and built by alcoleas garden with vines in the background and pool in the foreground

Landscaping, garden design, and construction.

At Alcoleas Gardens, we specialize in landscaping and garden design in Mallorca. Our process starts with a 3D project, allowing you to visualize your garden before building it. Our team of expert gardeners works closely with you to transform your green spaces into personalized oases. Discover how we combine creativity, sustainability, and functionality to create gardens that beautify your home and enhance your quality of life, tailored to your needs and preferences.

Hands cutting a hedge with scissors during garden maintenance in Mallorca

Garden maintenance in Mallorca

Keeping your garden in optimal condition is essential to enjoy a healthy and aesthetically pleasing green space. At Alcoleas Gardens, we offer garden maintenance services in Mallorca tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our professional gardeners handle pruning, watering, fertilizing, and pest control, among other tasks, ensuring the health and beauty of your outdoor spaces. Trust our expert team to care for and preserve your garden, adding value to your property and well-being to your life.

Hand holding a pH meter in the measurement for the maintenance of swimming pools in Mallorca

Comprehensive pool maintenance

A well-maintained pool is the centerpiece of any outdoor space and guarantees moments of enjoyment and relaxation. At Alcoleas Gardens, we offer pool maintenance services in Mallorca to ensure your pool is always clean, safe, and in perfect condition. Our pool maintenance experts handle cleaning, chemical balancing, filtration, and repairs, tailoring their services to the needs of each client. With our assistance, your pool will look impeccable all year round, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy a well-cared-for and healthy aquatic space.

Gardener applying fumigation treatment for phytosanitary control in a beautiful garden in Mallorca

Phytosanitary control. Protect your garden

Phytosanitary control is essential to keep your gardens in Mallorca healthy and free from pests and diseases. Our team of gardening professionals is highly trained in the identification, prevention, and treatment of phytosanitary issues, using ecological and sustainable methods whenever possible. By providing efficient and responsible phytosanitary control, we ensure that your green spaces are protected and in optimal condition all year round. Don’t let pests compromise the beauty and health of your gardens; trust our team to keep them at bay.

Sprinklers in operation in the lawn irrigation system in Mallorca

Installation and supervision of irrigation systems

Alcoleas Gardens offers installation and supervision of surface and underground irrigation systems to ensure optimal water distribution in your green areas. Our gardening experts assess the water needs of your plants and design efficient and sustainable irrigation systems, allowing for responsible water use and ensuring the health and proper growth of your garden.

Adult tree transplant in Bunyola, Majorca: Crane lifting the tree for transfer

Specimen trees, majesty in your garden

Mature trees are not just decorative elements; they are true stars capable of turning a common landscape into an impressive scene. Whether you want to create an immediate visual impact, provide shade, or simply enjoy natural beauty, our trees for transplanting are the perfect choice.

Gardener performing pruning at height in Mallorca with safety equipment and chainsaw

Professional felling and pruning

Felling and pruning are essential to maintain the health and aesthetics of your trees and shrubs. At Alcoleas Gardens, we have a team of expert gardeners who perform felling and pruning tasks safely and efficiently, respecting the natural growth of your plants and ensuring harmony in your garden.

View of a garden with natural grass in a modern house in Majorca

Natural grass and sod for gardens

Our gardening experts in Mallorca specialize in the installation of natural grass, either through seed sowing or laying sod. Sod is a quick and effective solution to beautify your garden, while seed sowing offers a more personalized approach. In both cases, we apply sustainable and ecological practices to ensure the health and vibrant appearance of your lawn all year round. Trust our team to guide you in selecting and caring for the grass that best suits your needs and preferences.

Installation of artificial grass in Mallorca

Artificial grass, the eco-friendly alternative

Installing artificial grass in Mallorca has become a popular choice for those seeking a flawless look and minimal maintenance in their gardens. Our team of professional gardeners offers eco-friendly and durable solutions in artificial grass, guaranteeing a high-quality aesthetic finish. Ideal for play areas, terraces, and gardens with irrigation limitations, artificial grass is a sustainable option with low resource consumption. Let our experts advise you on the best choice for your space and enjoy a green and well-maintained garden all year round.

Two equipped gardeners carrying out cleaning and clearing work on a farm in Mallorca

Efficient land clearing and cleaning

Alcoleas Gardens carries out land clearing and cleaning, removing weeds, shrubs, and debris to prepare the area for future gardening or construction projects. Our team of professional gardeners uses appropriate tools and techniques to efficiently, quickly, and environmentally-friendly clean the land.

Gardener pruning a palm tree in a beautiful garden in Bunyola, Mallorca

Pruning and planting of palm trees in Mallorca

Palm trees are an essential part of the Mediterranean landscape and undoubtedly an iconic feature in the gardens of Mallorca. At Alcoleas Gardens, our team of professional gardeners specializes in pruning and planting palm trees, ensuring their optimal growth and health. Proper palm tree maintenance includes regular pruning to remove dead leaves and potential pests, as well as planting specimens under the right conditions. Let us help you beautify your garden with these magnificent species, adding a tropical and exotic touch to your garden.

Garden designed and built with decorative aggregates in Mallorca

Decorative aggregates, a natural and versatile enhancement

Decorative aggregates are a versatile and aesthetic solution to add a distinctive touch to your green spaces in Mallorca. At Alcoleas Gardens, we offer a wide range of decorative aggregates, such as gravels, stones, rocks, and sands, to beautify your gardens, paths, and relaxation areas. These natural elements provide texture and color contrasts, in addition to being a sustainable and low-maintenance option. Our professional gardeners will advise you on the selection and placement of decorative aggregates to achieve a harmonious and appealing design in your garden.

Buganvilia in a beautiful penthouse garden in Mallorca, located in the Sierra de Tramuntana

Charming penthouses, your urban oasis

Discover how Alcolea’s Gardens can transform your penthouse into a green oasis amidst the urban environment. Our garden and terrace design and construction services are perfectly tailored to the specific needs and conditions of penthouses and urban terraces. We create unique and functional green spaces that optimize the use of the area and bring a touch of nature to your home, turning your penthouse into a haven of tranquility and beauty.